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This Horse Is An Incredible Talent. The Crowd Are Completely Captivated By This Performance!

Horses are incredible majestic creatures. They are strong and graceful, and a sight to be seen. Considering how massive these creatures are it’s hard to think of them as being great dancers. But along with their incredible strength is incredible dexterity.

 When I first saw this video I wasn’t that impressed initially by the horses marching. But as the video goes on you will be as amazed as I was. I had no idea that horses were capable of such an amazing performance.

This video features a horse named Blue Hors Matine. At the time of filming the horse is 9 years old. You can see her owner Andreas Helgstrand performing alongside her in this freestyle competition finale which was held in 2006. Watch this video and you will be as stunned as I was.

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  1. Sorry. Don’t like it. I see pinned ears, wildly flicking tail, foaming mouth, behind the vertical. It looks forced and uncomfortable. Now, I could be influenced by the fact that this same rider rode another horse with a bit so tight that his tongue went blue and refused to accept any responsibility for it. I’ve seen horses ridden softer, looking more comfortable and performing better, by riders with as much acclaim and lesser acclaim than this rider. No doubt the horse is talented and can likely perform much better. Just my opinion.

    • This horses early are clearly not pinned and foaming at the mouth is a good thing if you know horses. Foaming at the mouth shows the horse is relaxed and comfortable with its job and his early are tentative to the ride and relaxed. If his ears were pinned they would be flat against his head.