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The Sadness of Hackney Horse Williams Farrier Trauma

This morning, for the first time in years a trustworthy farrier tried to shoe William, as it is very much desirable to have him shod at his front feet.
After many hours of training, I had a little hope he could succeed , but it turned out to be completely different.
Williams trauma from the past, caused by (no doubt) extreme farrier abuse is still there, in all its very sad aspects.
Without almost full anaesthesia, shoeing William might never be possible.
Although I have done all the trimming myself from the beginning without any real problems, shoeing at the front is really desirable because of fisures in the hoof.
The farrier I choose to give it a try, is highly experienced and very reliable. He was completely informed about the problems I encountered in the past and what might be expected.
Sadly shoeing proved again to be impossible, and we had to give up.

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  1. Maybe try a lady farrier ?

  2. Have you tried sticking duct tape to his nose Ive seen a few videos where people have had amazing success