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Horse Attack Versus Angry Woman

This lady CLEARLY did not do anything wrong… she certainly didn’t hurt the horse, that’s laughable!! I think she handled the situation excellently… I would have been knocked to the ground… She is obviously incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to handling these guys.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Although it’s not clear from the video, the loose horse was almost certainly going after the horse the woman was leading. She either tried to deflect him or just got caught in the middle. Either way, a tough situation to be in. I pony horses for a living and usually have a string of between 3 and 5 horses. One of the first things I teach them is that a horse I’m leading is completely off-limits. They are not allowed to touch or even crowd us- just to minimize something like this happening.

  2. Kas Fitzpatrick

    Well, there wasn’t anything particularly knowledgeable about the way she was putting that headcollar on, and I think she was taken by surprise and didn’t do much to keep the other horse away. However nobody was hurt so that’s the main thing and she’ll probably be a bit more aware in future.