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Horse Was Euthanized Because Of His Aggressive Attitude

Very few horses are so aggressive that people decide to take the drastic route of euthanasia.  Many times, something is causing the aggression and over time it can be fixed.

In this horses case, his owners decided to euthanize him before they found a huge source of pain.  His necropsy photo shows what has to be the most painful mouth.

He was LONG overdue for his teeth to be floated. If my mouth hurt like that, I wouldn’t let anyone near my face!

This photo, taken during necropsy, shows the mouth of a horse who was euthanized for aggressive behavior.
Next time your horse says “NO”, remember that he might be trying to tell you he is in pain.
Edited to add: This picture was taken by Juan Pimienta of Escuela Mexicana de Odontologia Equina

So, what you can learn from this unfortunate example is to always consult a veterinarian when something is bothering your horse. This lovely creatures can’t always show you a sign of what’s wrong with them. Remember that horse’s teeth must be checked from time to time!

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