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The Best Compilation Rears, Backflips, and Terrified Riders

To all the people spreading hate to the riders in this video and in general in likewise topics:  Not everyone that has this kind of accident is deliberately not paying attention, or blaming the horse. Maybe in a reflex those people might have pulled the reins, even when they know they shouldn’t pull the reins.

In a fraction of a second a horse can go from perfectly calm to rearing, it only takes something to spook them. Even a well trained horse can spook anywhere, anytime. Does a fraction of a second where people might have made a mistake make them bad riders?

Maybe, maybe not. I can’t tell in a second. I can’t even tell by the tack they are using. It’s all in the way you approach things. Caring, patience, respect, training, effort, love, …, the will to improve yourself in order to be a better rider and caretaker to your horse will determine if you are a good rider.

I just think you shouldn’t judge a rider by a fraction of a second you saw on youtube, everyone makes mistakes and has room for improvement, that doesn’t make them or anyone an idiot, bad rider, animal abuser.

The ones who are saying that people are idiots, bad riders or animal abusers are far from perfect either. The people who think of themselves as flawless are the most dangerous, because they refuse to see their own mistakes and do something about it.

If I don’t know for sure, what the circumstance where, the intent of the rider, the level of experience, and all of the above I’ve mentioned, I won’t judge and I would appreciate other people also keeping an open mind. Those people in the videos have feelings too, you know.

So, please let us share our love for horses, not spread the hate, only to make us feel good about ourselves. I’m sure the people in the video know by now not to pull the reins, they learned the lesson the hard way.


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