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7 Baby Horses To Be Slaughtered Then Stranger Steps In Refuses To Accept Their Fate

“If it weren’t for the fact that we are here, all these foals…”

Where there are animals, there will no doubt be cases of abuse and neglect. Mankind can be a sorry thing, and oftentimes the biblical command to rule over every living creature is carried out with cruelty instead of the mercy and tenderness that was intended.

But this is a different case. This is not abuse or neglect so much as it is a complete disregard for life in the first place. These foals have no use once they are born. Their only purpose in life is to be born, and after that, they are euthanized (or, in the past, left to starve or sent to other places where their meat is considered a delicacy).

This seems ridiculous. Why bring babies into this world if you’re just going to end their lives before they’ve even had a chance?

In this case, it’s because their mothers are needed as nurse mares to nurture future racing horses. Foals with champion bloodlines are taken away from their real mothers and cared for by other, non-racehorse mares so that their mothers can be re-bred and produce a foal every year.

But in order for those other mares to have milk, they have to have had a baby recently. So these foals are throwaways. Unnecessary. Unwanted.

Many of these babies are draft horse mixes, quarter horses, paints, even gaited breeds. But because they’re not thoroughbreds, they “aren’t important.” Babies can be separated from their mothers at only a few hours old or even be induced so that their mother can take care of a thoroughbred foal immediately.

You may have heard of PMU foals. PMU stands for Pregnant Mare Urine, which is used in Hormone Replacement Therapy products, and is another controversial issue, but even those foals are required to stay with their mothers for at least 100 days — there are no such rules for nurse mare foals.

That’s where Last Chance Corral comes in. Started by Victoria Goss, who has been involved in rescuing and rehabilitating horses since she was 12 years old, Last Chance Corral provides a space and care for these foals and other rescue horses until they can be stabilized and adopted.

“If it weren’t for the fact that we are here, all these foals would be dead,” said Goss. She has always had a love for animals, and that loves shines through in the way she carefully tends to each and every animal that comes her way.

With the times as financially difficult as they are, Goss has had a hard time finding volunteers or netting significant donations. Her operation runs on the kindness and support of others, but as people have stopped donating, she has had to turn away dozens of unwanted horses. She longs to help every creature that comes to her, and it breaks her heart to say “no.”

Despite these trials, she is giving these horses a voice and making people aware of their plight.

This video was created as a teaser for the film “Born To Die” that is currently in the works to highlight these babies’ predicament. If you would like to help her cause, you can check out the Last Chance Corral website.

Her message is one we can all get behind as we try to see the best in others.

“I think every one of us is honor-bound to do good with our lives. We’ve been given this great opportunity to live here on this green planet. I especially, I think, feel that, and feel the need to try and always do good — see the good in an animal that everyone else gives up on.”


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