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Twenty Year Old Horse Swept away by Raging Floodwaters. Thirteen Days Later, They See Something in the Road

“It’s quite unbelievable.”

In the blink of an eye, flash flooding overtook a small farming community near Auckland, New Zealand on March 8, 2017. Roads quickly became unusable, dangerously flooded with swiftly moving water.

Farmland soon turned into enormous ponds, and eventually rivers, as the water continued to take over everything in its path. Wildlife quickly found higher ground while farmers raced to save their livestock from certain devastation.

Two horses, Voice and Lottie, found themselves fighting to escape the rising flood waters in their paddock. Lottie was rescued later that day from chest-high water, but 20-year-old Voice was nowhere to be found.

Considering Voice’s old age, caretakers feared the worst for their beloved thoroughbred mare, but began scouring the land to rescue her. With each passing day, the chances of finding Voice alive grew less and less likely.

Love this horse. Can’t believe she has gone so global Liz Currie!!! 😊

A pony who is the equivalent of 70 in horse years has shocked her owners by surviving terrifying floodwaters in New Zealand and finding her way home after two weeks in the wilderness.

Then, 13 days after the flood, Voice appeared seemingly out of nowhere, standing right near the area where she’d nearly drowned. “Where she came from, I have no idea, because we’ve scoured every part of that river over and over again,” Currie told New Zealand Stuff.

Other than being caked in mud and a little malnourished, Voice seemed otherwise unscathed. “She’s obviously been stuck on a bank somewhere because she was a real mess,” Currie said, referring to the sand that had managed to work its way around every hair and into every crevice on the horse’s body.

“I’ve given her a bath to try and get some of the mud and that off her, but it’s all river sand,” Currie explained. “She’s been stuck quite deep because it’s all up under her belly, through her tail.”

“[But] she is quite thin,” Currie acknowledged. “She’s obviously been somewhere with no food. She’s certainly needing a bit of care now.”

Currie credits Voice’s miraculous survival to her “feisty” personality. The retired polo horse managed to survive not only the dangerous flash flood, but almost two weeks of being stuck in the wilderness, presumably waiting for the waters to recede before returning home.

“We’ve had lots of happy tears,” Currie gushed, adding that many community members had been concerned about Voice. “It’s quite unbelievable.”

With food in her belly and a safe place to sleep, Voice is on the mend. “I think she might have just earned herself a very long retirement,” Currie grinned.

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