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Worst Case Of Animal Cruelty In Britain

Five family members were found guilty in maybe one of the worst case of animal neglection. They’ve neglected over 100 horses, ponies and donkeys. The investigators found a horror scene were animals were left to starve to death and the whole property was surrounded by rotting corpses. This was the largest equine welfare investigation in Britain.

The case was discovered by the RSPCA inspectors in January last year. The veterinarians who examined the animals, said that, they’ve never had such an upsetting and extremely bad case of animal cruelty. The owner and trader James Gray and his son were found guilty of 12 charges and his wife and two daughters were found guilty of two charges, all of them under the Animal Welfare Act.

According to Magistrates’ Court they kept on the farm for over 140 animals and most of them were left with no food. Hooves and body parts were seen scattered across the farm. As RSPCA chief inspector Rob Skinner said, 34 carcases were found in many locations, some of them were burned and others were covered with trash. They also found one dead horse who had ropes around its tail.

Mr Gray on few occasions was aggressive towards the inspectors. He told the court, that the animals that were laying around the farm, were some family pets which he was going to bury. Also he claimed that it was common for horses to “drop down dead” without giving any signs of illness. But the photos that were shown to the District Judge, showed the opposite.

The cruel family will be sentenced at Aylesbury Magistartes Court.

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