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Harvesting Mare’s Blood Branded as “Industrial Horse Torture”

Some of you might have heard about “vampire farms” and if not, here is the story. It’s a process that has been branded “industrial horse torture” by many animal campaign groups, in which thousands of pregnant mares are used. This problem is set in South America, where tens of many pregnant mares are jammed into pens. Those horses have needles stuck into their jugular veins in order to suck out a fertility hormone. Later, that hormone is injected into other animals, because in that way they can have more babies much faster.

Mostly, the fertility hormone travels to Great Britain and some other European countries, where it’s used in the farming of pigs, sheep and cows. The farms are using the hormone because it can speed up the natural fertility cycle, but also can be used in fertility drugs for humans. According to the market the concentrated form of the mare’s serum is even more valuable than liquid gold!

At this moment, campaigners are looking for transparency. They are calling for legal requirement to show which meat sold on supermarket shelves was made with a help from the fertility hormone. Mare’s are kept continually pregnant and they are useful only in the early days of the pregnancy. After they are no longer able to satisfy the needs of the “vampire farm”, they are sold as meat or slaughtered.

Some of the horses die in a very horrible way, because extracting too much serum can lead to hypovolemic shock. It’s very sad how their blood has been harvested, according to an investigation by German-based AWF, sometimes in a single extraction, 12 liters of blood can be taken! And that’s terrible, because according to European safety guidelines, between 3.4 and 4.5 liters can be taken, nothing more. Sadly, in South America the pastures are very cheap and that is why PMSG production is very profitable. And what’s even worse is that, there is no legislation that can control the process and protect the mares!


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