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Federal Judge Shocks Dems With Huge Decision for Trump in Fusion GPS Case — Liberals are in All Out Panic Mode!

With brave Republicans like Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IO) and Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) zeroing in on the culpability of the FBI and the DOJ in trying to execute a coup against President Trump, the rats may be fleeing the USS Clinton Crime Network.

On January 5, writes Zero Hedge, a federal judge struck down a “request by Fusion to block the House Intelligence Committee from obtaining complete banking records in relation to their activities during 2016. Fusion sought to invalidate a subpoena issued by Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), which they tried to claim was issued illegally as well as a violation of the 1st Amendment. U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon struck down all four of Fusion’s request in his order.”

Events for the traitors really started to unwind right after the New Year.

It started on January 2, with Fusion GPS publishing a lengthy op-ed in the New York Times, in which they laid out their reasons why the discredited ‘Russian Dossier’, you know, the documents still touted by the likes of Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Adam Schiff as being legitimate, was NOT used to launch the coup (disguised as a legal inquiry) into Team Trump.

In other words, the smear artists at Fusion were trying to run away as fast as they could from the Clinton/Deep State act of treason.

On January 3, apparently realizing the tide was turning and not wanting to have incriminating documents on hand, a suspicious fire breaks out at the Chappaqua, NY home of Hillary. Damn those pesky fires! They are almost as bad as leaving important paper (i.e. White Water documents) in a federal building (Oklahoma’s Alfred P. Murrah) that gets bombed just months later.

The following day a former Clinton campaign IT staffer agreed to provide damning evidence that Hillary destroyed emails asked for by Congress. He should know, because he confesses to destroying all of her 2015 emails.

On the same day, we learned that Nunes announced he had received internal FBI documents testifying to the fact that higher elements within the FBI’s main office in Washington, D.C. (i.e. Deep State cronies) were calling the shots on the Bureau’s “investigation” of Hillary’s criminal use of a private email server. The document went on to say that former Director James Comey exonerated Hillary on July 5, 2016, BEFORE witnesses were even questioned.

Better still, the documents also acknowledge that what Clinton did was an enormous crime.

Now we have a judge actually siding with the President!

After receiving a subpoena for the bank records, Fusion petitioned the court to get Nunes to back off.

Fusion stated that Nunes was going rogue (nice Democrat talking points BTW) since he had recused himself from the Russian investigation.

Judge Leon disabused Fusion of that notion by finding, “Nowhere in this press release did Chairman Nunes ‘recuse’ himself’ from the Russia investigation. Instead, he simply designated another Committee member to take charge of the investigation, as permitted by Committee Rules.”

Justice-1, Fusion-0

Then Fusion tried to shrink the dragnet Nunes was casting over a dozen law firms accused of participating in the Russian Dossier. Besides Perkins Coie and Baker Hostetler, Fusion stated no other firm was involved.

Once again, Judge Leon had to school Fusion and its attorneys on how legal discovery worked. Zero Hedge writes that the Judge found that because two firms paid Fusion GPS for work related to Trump it therein, created the reasonable assumption that the others were also involved and had to be investigated.

Justice-2. Fusion-0

Fusion also petitioned the court to stop the bank records from being handed over because it violated its First Amendment right to political free speech.

Nice try, Judge Leon essentially responded. In his decision he wrote that “Fusion’s commercial relationship with its clients does not provide Fusion with ‘some special First Amendment protection from subpoenas,’ since it would allow ‘any entity that provides goods and services to a customer who engages in political activity to resist a subpoena on the ground that its client engages in political speech.’”

Justice-3, Fusion-0

In an act of desperation, Fusion insisted that turning over bank records would go against 12 U.S. Code § 3401 – Right to Financial Privacy statute (RFPA), that says it is illegal for banks to turn customer records to a Government authority.

Leon’s last lesson for Fusion: the company “has no rights under the RFPA because it is not a ‘person’ who may qualify as a ‘customer’ for the purposes of that statute.

Justice-4, Fusion-0

Ohhh, so close. Hahahaha

Source: http://goldpolitics.com

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