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Brit Hume Just Spotted Something Everyone’s Missing About FBI FREAKOUT — Deep State is PANICKING…

With the countdown underway for the release of the much awaited FISA Memo, the Department of Justice and the FBI are still putting the pressure on the President and members of Congress to keep the document public.

Compiled by House Intelligence Committee, the memo reportedly reveals massive abuses of power by senior officials at the FBI and DOJ in relation to their illicit obtaining of FISA warrants that were then used to spy on then-Candidate Donald Trump.

Republicans discovered that the FISA were based on the discredited ‘Russian Dossier’ put together by FBI subcontractor Fusion GPS and paid for by the Bureau, the DNC and Hillary Clinton, was used to garner the warrants.

Democrats have been in a panic to prevent the memo from being published, no doubt because the abuses detailed within are those of Obama and his minions.

The latest call for the memo to be suppressed came on January 31 when the FBI said it had “’grave concerns’ over material omissions of fact,” reports Twitchy.

Veteran investigative journalist and senior Fox News analyst Brit Hume pointed out that the recent FBI statement was oddly lacking in something.

“Notable that in the latest round of FBI/DOJ objections to the release of the House intel memo, earlier claims of dangerous disclosures of sources & methods have vanished,” tweeted Hume.

Twitchy correctly notes that the FBI had originally said the publication of the memo would be a threat to national security. That was walked back to then be portrayed as a threat to a dangerous disclosure of critical FBI procedures and sources. Now, THAT has been walked back as well.

In the blink of an eye, the FISA Memo has gone from a disastrous uncovering of state secrets that could get us all killed to that of a non-crime that the Bureau is concerned over.

Nice try Deep State.

Release the memo and let freedom ring!

What do you think? Did the FBI exaggerate the dangers of the FISA Memo?

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