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House Republicans Finally Got Their Hands on Obama’s Dossier Records — Guess What They Found!

Hillary’s pawns at Fusion GPS are through! For months, Representative Nunes and the rest of the congressmen on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence have struggled with the Department of Justice to obtain the Obama administration’s documents related to the Trump dossier.

Well, now that struggle is officially over!

Check it out, per Daily Caller:

The committee was able to review Friday all FBI and DOJ documents on the Trump dossier, former MI-6 British agent Christopher Steele who authored the dossier, and Fusion GPS, the political opposition firm that hired Steele. DOJ also provided any Obama administration applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court based on the dossier, which could approve the surveillance of the Trump transition team or Trump associates, according to a source with direct knowledge of the case.

The information could serve as a key breakthrough in the committee’s investigation of Steele, Fusion GPS and the Russians who influenced the dossiers’ contents.

The Justice Department and the FBI have actively stonewalled Congress since 2017 over the Obama administration’s relationship to Fusion GPS, Steele and its use of the dossier to obtain a warrant before the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Court, which can authorize surveillance on foreign citizens.

Representatives on the Intelligence Committee are seeking a clear understanding of exactly how the FBI and Obama’s Justice Department officials used the dossier.

It was revealed recently that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid Fusion GPS for the dossier. The intelligence committee wants to know if the FBI or the Justice Department also paid Steele for his information.

For what purpose did they use the dossier? Did they take any steps to verify its contents?

The documents also show how the Obama administration sought to force the intelligence community to reveal the identity of Trump transition officials who were in contact with diplomats and foreign principals.

Basically, these documents will provide the cornerstone to build a case against Hillary Clinton and the rest of her minions at the FBI and DOJ. As the committee pours over the records, the proof they need will come to light and ultimately “Crooked” Hillary Clinton will get what’s coming to her.

Source: http://cloudpolitical.com

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