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Laura Ingraham Eviscerates Jorge Ramos For Telling Her Not To Use The Word ‘Illegal’

Fox News Laura Ingraham faced off against pro-illegal immigration activist and Univision anchor Jorge Ramos. Ramos tried calling President Trump a racist and claimed that no one should use the term ‘illegal’ while describing illegal aliens. Ingraham crushed him.

“Is not easy to be in immigration nowadays the United States,” said Ramos. “Illegal immigrant, Jorge, you mean illegal immigrants. You always do this and it drives people nuts,” said Ingraham. “I don’t call them in legal immigrants because no one is illegal in this world,” said Ramos.

Ingraham brought up the fact that under Trump, there has been a record low unemployment rate among Hispanics. However, this isn’t good enough for Ramos, because Trump arrests illegals. “I think that’s positive when it comes to economics but how about if you are a family whose father or mother has been deported. How about if you’re one of the people that the Trump government has arrested,” he said.

“Arrests in Trump’s first year are 30% higher than the last year of Barack Obama. So sure unemployment is better for Latinos, Donald Trump has arrested many more people than Barack Obama,” he said.

Ingraham kept trying to explain the difference between being here illegally and being an immigrant. “That’s the game you’re playing and no one buys it. They are already here unlawfully, we don’t have to criminalize them,” said Ingraham. Check out the video below.

Source: Laura Ingraham vs. Jorge Ramos Part 1 by BPR

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