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Florida Official Calls Out Hogg & Student Marchers in Epic Rant

Kudos to Florida’s Escambia County Commissioner Doug Underhill for having the cojones to go after the Left’s child-age human shields like David Hogg.

Following the Nuremburg-rally style ‘March for Our Lives’ event in Washington, D.C. on March 24, Underhill described the march and its supporters in the following way:

“Keep in mind…it was the socialist experiment of this radically leftist south Florida town that created the monster that did this AND the little monsters who are parading around pointing the finger at people like me. These miscreants are not reacting to the event: They are prostituting the deaths of their classmates to drive an agenda that was formed in them long before the first shot was fired.”

Well said.

Unlike Laura Ingraham, Underhill has not backed down from his blisteringly accurate description and has in fact doubled-down, writes the Daily Caller.

In an interview with the Pensacola New Journal on March 28, Underhill stated, “I know that people would maybe prefer that you’re supposed to use softer words and things like that. If you’re coming after the constitutional rights of Americans, it’s probably not going to be soft words.”

Underhill rightfully pointed out that the truly destructive forces in society are not guns, but something the Left excels in: hate.

“If you don’t figure out a way to stop creating hate and propagating hate, then it doesn’t matter what the tools of hate are, the end result will be the same and that will be dead people, dead children and rending the fabric of our society.”

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