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Abs Workout: How To Get The Ultimate 8 Pack ?

Below are ten key moves and their modifications to help you crunch, squeeze and pound your abs into tempered steel.

Leg raises

Leg raises can be performed on a flat bench, a decline bench or hanging. For the hanging version, begin with a straight leg and then as you tire, bend your knees to keep the set going for an intense burn. While hanging from a chinning bar raise up your legs as in the lying raises and stop when your legs are at parallel with the floor and return. For knee raises bring your knees into you abdominal region until they are past parallel and squeeze. Lower just short of perpendicular with the floor to keep tension on the region.


You can perform bicycles the traditional way by alternating sides or make it a bit more challenging by isolating one side and then switching over to the other. Just perform all reps for one side then switch and do the allotted number of reps for the other.


Once you reach a level of several sets of 30 seconds with the traditional plank it is time for a new challenge. Have a partner place a weight plate (one that is at first light enough to handle) on your upper back to add resistance. Just be sure to keep your entire body tight and don’t let the weight “bow” your body.

Dragon flags

For the more advanced out there, try performing the dragon flag on a decline bench. This will take incredible strength and balance, but you will reap incredible benefits of more strength and stability once mastered.

Windshield wipers

Once you have the basic windshield wiper movement down it is time to up the intensity. Perform the movement as you would normally, but now place a small weighted medicine ball between your feet. It is a tough addition and requires serious strength and technique.

Side planks

For more of a challenge, try switching from a side plank to a normal plank over to another side plank slowly. Be sure to keep the body aligned and perform the movement in a steady, deliberate motion sustaining good form and function.

Russian twists

If you find using a medicine ball or weight plate difficult with this movement simply clasp your hands in front of you and perform the exercise as usual. This will build up your strength quickly so you may graduate up to using weight in the near future.


The many forms of the crunch include performing them on a flex-ball, feet supported on a bench, and weighted by holding a small weight plate on your chest. You can also try weighted crunches by lying on the floor with your head toward a rope attachment on a low pulley and pull the weight up while you crunch. Be sure to hold the ends of the rope on either side of your head when performing this move.

Side crunches

In addition to performing traditional side crunches on a sit-up bench or on the floor, side crunches can also be performed on a Roman chair. Position yourself with your feet and hip contacting the bench while your upper body is suspended. Crunch your pelvis by twisting and bending your knees side-to-side.


Sit-ups can be modified using a decline bench and holding a weight plate on your chest with crossed arms. This addition can be a bit of a challenge, so try it with a weight you can handle first.

Try one, two or all of the routines below for a complete ab workout in very little time. You can try one workout three times per week or use all three over a week. Be sure to rest no more than 20 seconds between exercises and after supersets. Always perform proper technique while performing each move deliberately and under control.

3 Ab Workouts For The Ultimate 8 Pack

Routine #1
Ab Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Crunches on a Flex Ball 3 15
Hanging Leg Raises 3 15
Bicycles 3 20
Routine #2
Ab Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Side Crunches on Roman Chair 3 15
Low Pulley Crunches 3 15
Windshield Wipers 3 20
3 Way Plank 3 20-30 Seconds
Routine #3
Ab Workout
Exercise Sets Reps
Dragon Flag 3 As many as possible
Superset: Straight Leg Raises and Bent Leg Raises 3 10
Superset: Russian Twists (3 x 10 each side) with Floor Crunch (3×15) 3 10 each side, 15

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