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POLL: Who Has Handled Tragedies Better – Trump or Obama?

Democrats are creating the most absurd complaints about President Trump’s actions after the terrible school shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. They criticize him even going and taking time to visit injured children in the hospital. Who had handled tragedies better and responded more appropriately, President Trump ...

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Trump Serves Gun Grabbing Liberals A Tall Glass Of Whoop A** With One Brutal Tweet

President Donald Trump responded to criticisms of his administration’s stance on gun control Saturday on Twitter by arguing that if Democrats really cared, they would have passed suitable legislation during the Obama administration. In the wake of a deadly school shooting at a high school in Parkland, Fla., Wednesday, the ...

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Trump’s Department Of Education Goes Back To The Basics, ‘We Are DONE With The Transgender Bathroom Nonsense’

While no formal announcement has been issued, the Department of Education under President Donald Trump appears to be have had its fill of the controversy over which bathroom transgender students can use. All of which goes to show that under Trump, boys will be boys after all. According to BuzzFeed News, ...

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Trump Holds True To Promise Of Cutting Funding To PBS, NPR; Liberal Critics Go Completely APE!

Liberals were probably hoping President Trump had forgotten about his intention last year to cut federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He didn’t. Trump’s newly proposed budget released Monday, which increased federal expenditures by $300 billion, called for the end of funding for CPB which, in turn, funds PBS and ...

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BREAKING: Russian “Dezinformatsiya” Campaign AGAINST President Trump Building Say US Intel Chiefs

NY Times- Intel Chiefs warn Russia, emboldened by past success, have increased manipulative efforts at sowing discord via fake news, and fake intel about President Trump.   Just two days ago I wrote an article published here at enVolve about my belief that Russia and Putin were playing our Intelligence, Media, ...

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