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Traumatized Horse Overcomes Fear And Finds His Stride After 10 Years

There’s something so special about a person who welcomes a rescued animal into their home. Rescued pets often come with a lot of responsibility, as many of them were abused or living a the scrappy street life before being brought into a forever home. As you can see from this precious Boston terrier ...

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2 Horses Are Trapped In A Wildfire. But Keep Your Eyes On The Big, White Pickup Truck

Most of us learn from an early age that fire isn’t anything to play with. Seriously, one of the first things we’re warned about is touching a hot stove or playing with matches. As a result, we’re taught to stay away from fire, and to call the appropriate people to ...

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Two Big Horses Horse Around In A Sprinkler To Cool Off In The Silliest Way

Summer is in full swing, and it’s already getting hot, hot, hot outside! I’m definitely experiencing a little bit of pool envy for all of my neighbors with swimming holes in their backyards, and resisting temptation to run through the neighbors’ sprinklers when they water their lawns. Though, would they ...

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SHOCKING: Sophie Monk Thrown From A Horse And Almost Trampled

Sophie Monk is tossed from a large steed and almost trampled by the animal during outback themed photoshoot. The 36-year-old radio and television personality was thrown off a horse during the outback-themed shoot for Buffalo Girl Life clothing and was almost squashed by the animal.  

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Man Is Confused When Farmer Calls His Horse 4 Different Names. Farmer’s Response Is Pure Gold.

A man is driving down a country road when he loses control of his car and ends up in a ditch. He gets out of the car and knocks on a farmhouse door for help. He explains his situation to the farmer. The farmer gets his horse and they walk ...

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