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This Horse Is An Incredible Talent. The Crowd Are Completely Captivated By This Performance!

Horses are incredible majestic creatures. They are strong and graceful, and a sight to be seen. Considering how massive these creatures are it’s hard to think of them as being great dancers. But along with their incredible strength is incredible dexterity.  When I first saw this video I wasn’t that ...

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The Incredible Bond Between Human and Horse

The bond and mutual trust between horses and humans is absolutely amazing! Here’s a great example showing how special it can really be. Horses once they know and trust you will show incredible amounts of love,they so obviously adore this lady which shows she is a lovely person.any animal will ...

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Rare Horse Given The Title Of “World’s Most Beautiful Horse” And It Is Nothing Like We’ve Ever Seen Before

What would you say that your favorite color horse is? There are so many different colors to choose from and in truth all our uniquely beautiful! With so many horse breeds to choose from and each horse lover having their own personal favorite, it true that beauty is certainly in ...

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Nine-year old horse whisperer? Covington’s Ava Bell tames a mustang

At 9-year’s old, the little beauty and Covington resident Ava Bell already knows how to tame the savage beast. A few months ago, the petite horse trainer was selected to tame a wild mustang as part of the “Extreme Mustang Makeover.” Bell has 100 days to gentle and train a ...

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