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Anonymous Source Steps Forward and BREAKS SILENCE on Hillary — Time to Lawyer Up!

Hillary Clinton better start packing an overnight bag because she’s probably going to federal prison. It has come to light that the former Secretary of State personally authorized John Podesta, her campaign chairman, to launch the Trump-Russian dossier project. According to a senior Clinton campaign staffer, Hillary personally approved Podesta’s ...

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Nunes Just Unveiled Secret Investigation He’s Been Running — Obama is Freaking Out!

California Republican Representative Devin Nunes just broke some news that has many Obama era officials scrambling: he is opening up his own investigation into alleged corruption during the former administration, and is going after anyone who may have knowingly attempted to interfere with the Trump campaign during last year’s election. ...

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US Marine Risks His Life To Expose Deadly Scandal That Could Take Down Entire Democratic Party

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is presently in conflict for the title as America’s slimiest government official, as she’s currently under a few investigations, including a man of interest for a murder, and under scrutiny for helping her Muslim IT-guy commit treason against our nation. As this lady stands to spend whatever remains of her ...

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Georgia Becomes First State To Ban Muslim Culture In Historic Move To Restore Western Values!!!

When Donald Trump proposed in 2015 that we place a temporary ban on Muslims entering the United States, it was at a time when Europe was experiencing historical levels of migrations and terrorism. ISIS was carrying out terrorist attacks weekly and hundreds of innocent people were getting killed.Whether it was ...

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President Trump Just Blew Another Hole in Obama’s Shameful Legacy — Liberals Are FURIOUS!

President Donald Trump has fulfilled another campaign promise and ripped to shreds another piece of former traitor-in-chief Barack Hussein Obama’s legacy. In addition to the repeal of the individual mandate penalty, the President promised during the 2016 primary season that he would lower premiums by permitting coverage to be sold ...

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