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10 Reasons You’re Not Losing Fat !

Get rid of these bad habits to lose weight and start seeing real results. When your fat loss stalls, it feels like everything goes to hell. “Why isn’t this working?” you’ll ask. “What else can I do to lose weight?” Over time, you’ll get frustrated and discouraged because you’ll feel like you’re still ...

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Abs Workout: How To Get The Ultimate 8 Pack ?

Forget the highly coveted six pack. Bodybuilder Brad Borland presents three intense abdominal workouts that will help you build a thick 8 pack. Workout Description Let’s face it; having to read about another abs workout program is like trying to get excited about going to the dentist. Both sometimes seem ...

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Son develops life-saving bra after his mother gets breast cancer

Julián Ríos Cantú was only 13 years old when he experienced the most horrible moment of his life: his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and the doctors had little hope. The young boy from Mexico had to prepare himself for the loss of his mother. What made the situation ...

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