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Muslims Are Boiling Mad — They Just Found Out What President Trump Just Defunded — Do You Agree?

As President Trump moves forward with his belt-tightening measures in order to shrink the national budget, there are sure to be some very upset groups, who are used to getting regular infusions of funds from the federal government. Most of them are Islamic organizations allegedly dedicated to preventing young Muslims from getting ...

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Special Council in Hot Water, after Letter to AG Sessions Accuses Mueller of High Treason

Special Counsel for Trump-Russia Investigation Robert Mueller has been all the time politically incorrect and totally indifferent how he came on top. This dishonorable man with no integrity is nothing more but part of the shadow government that has our President as a target to overthrow him and has complete control over the ...

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Actual Victim Rose McGowan Slams Lib Actors For Their ‘Hollywood Fakery’ At Awards Show, It’s Brutal

Anyone who bothered to watch the always-irrelevant Golden Globe Awards was treated to a particularly nauseating example of liberal fascism. All the actors and filmmakers who were in attendance were peer pressured into wearing black, as a supposed symbol of their solidarity countering the mistreatment of women. One filmmaker was ...

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The Attorney General Has Just Called For a MUTINY – They’re Trying to Take Down Trump From The Inside!

There are certain powers that the President of the United States is supposed to enjoy in order to execute his duties. But as they often do, democrats and liberals are doing everything possible to deny Trump those powers so that he’ll be unable to do his job. From The Hill: Former Attorney ...

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