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We Caught Him! Democrat Leader Arrested For 113 Counts Of Bribery, Money Laundering, Defrauding The IRS

Another day, another democrat exposed. It seems like there are few liberals who aren’t involved in shady business – but this one might win worst crime yet. Under Obama, liberals (figuratively) got away with murder. Some sexually assaulted staff. Others were indicted for various financial crimes. Many continue to undermine ...

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Mark Levin Just Pulled Back the Curtain on Obama Scandal Nobody’s Talking About – ‘Should Have Been Impeached!’

Nationally-syndicated talk radio host Mark Levin issued a blistering condemnation of former President Barack Obama on Wednesday. The former Reagan staffer suggested Obama “should have been impeached,” and yet “all the media guns are aimed at Trump.” Check out what Levin had to say, per CNS News: Well, folks, there’s now ...

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Chaffetz Just Dropped a Bombshell About the Deep State in Washington — It’s “Very Real…”

Former Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz confirmed what many Americans have feared for some time now, telling the hosts of TV’s Fox & Friends that the deep state is “very real,” and that he has first-hand experience of its inner workings. “I was a little skeptical … but I’m telling you, having lived through it, ...

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