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The Cost Of Liberal Divisiveness: School Placed On Lock-down After Disgruntled Staffer Threatened To ‘Execute Every White Man’

A high school in Connecticut was on lockdown Wednesday after a school employee who wanted to “execute every white man” threatened to go on a killing rampage, police said. A suspect identified as Carl Lemon, 63, an in-school suspension coordinator at Harding High School in Bridgeport, was charged with second-degree ...

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Border Agents Implore Trump To Complete Wall After THOUSANDS Of Organized Rioters Attacked Wall/Agents

Southern invaders attacked the southern border wall yesterday Saturday 3/31/2018 in an act of aggression towards southern border agents. They came as a mob of thousands armed with rocks and bottles. Many of the mob members were identified as members of gangs and were flashing gang signs as they perpetrated ...

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President Trump Draws Line In The Sand With Mexico – Stop The Immigrant Caravan Or PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!

President Donald Trump fired off a series of tweets Sunday morning warning Mexico about letting illegal aliens and drugs flow through Mexico to the United States. Trump singled out the caravan of illegal migrants from Central America marching through to the U.S. with the permission of the Mexican government. Trump ...

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James Woods Throws Down: ‘Stop Alien Horde With National Guard…Replace Every Congressman Lacking Balls To Secure Border’

A virtual army of over a thousand Central American migrants are defiantly marching through Mexico toward the U.S. southern border, with little resistance from Mexican authorities, and actor James Woods is especially agitated over the lack of leadership seen from Republicans in Washington. The illegal migrant horde expects to take ...

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The Anti-Gun March In D.C. – Here’s the TRUTH About The Number of People Who Showed Up

Many news stations have been reporting all weekend that “nearly 1 million” people showed up for the march in D.C. over the weekend, with the lowball figure around approximately 800,000, after reporters originally estimated that they’d see around half a million. The real number? Just under 300,000. From Breitbart: A ...

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Jim Carrey May Be In Some SERIOUS Trouble After His Latest ‘Artwork’ Featuring Donald Trump Is Posted to Twitter

Last week, Jim Carrey’s descended into politically-inspired art involving the Trump administration. His first was a ghoulish portrait of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but his latest one of President Trump may get him in some serious trouble. Warning. The image below contains graphic content. From Conservative Tribune: ...

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