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Two Big Horses Horse Around In A Sprinkler To Cool Off In The Silliest Way

Summer is in full swing, and it’s already getting hot, hot, hot outside! I’m definitely experiencing a little bit of pool envy for all of my neighbors with swimming holes in their backyards, and resisting temptation to run through the neighbors’ sprinklers when they water their lawns. Though, would they ...

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The brand burger king admitted that they have been used horse meat in order to made the burgers and whoppers. In the past, the Burger King, denied these accusations. The fast food chain, in Thursday has give up and admitted that the tests were wrong and gave an apology to ...

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SHOKING 86-Yr-Old Man Accused Of Dragging Horse Tied To Back Of His Truck

Connecticut State Police are investigating an incident where a horse was tied to the back of a pickup truck—and then the 86-year-old owner started the engine and dragged the poor animal. A concerned neighbor took photographs and screamed to Culver Modisette, “Stop, you’re killing your horse, cut the rope!” According to WFSB, ...

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Make Homemade Horse Treats Your Horse Will LOVE

The horses literally can’t get enough of these scrumptious treats! Try them out for yourself. *RECIPE INFO BELOW* We had so much fun making this video and we’re positive our horses enjoyed it too haha 🙂 Definitely try them out!!! Preheat oven to 350 F. Ingredients: -1 cup Oats -1 ...

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Horse Rider Injured After She Was Allegedly ‘Dragged Along When Bridle Snagged in Wing Mirror of a Bus

A horse and its rider are thought to have been dragged along the road after the animal’s bridle snagged in the wing mirror of a passing double-decker bus – leaving the rider with head injuries. The horse is thought to have been in a collision with the bus before the ...

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