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VIDEO: Stable Worker Accused of Horse Abuse!

Former stable hand James Hutchinson is charged with horse abuse after he is caught on video hitting and whipping his employer’s horse. Do you really know who you are hiring to take care of your animals? There are tools for horse and pet owners to help screen potential workers, adopters, ...

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Special Needs Horse Smothers His Owner With ‘Thank You’ Wet Willies While He Fixes His Hoof

We all have our own special ways of saying thank you. When someone does us a kindness, it’s always fun to repay them — even in the smallest of ways. Maybe you buy a small gift, or plan a dinner, or even do something bigger than that. A weekend away ...

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Two Big Horses Horse Around In A Sprinkler To Cool Off In The Silliest Way

Summer is in full swing, and it’s already getting hot, hot, hot outside! I’m definitely experiencing a little bit of pool envy for all of my neighbors with swimming holes in their backyards, and resisting temptation to run through the neighbors’ sprinklers when they water their lawns. Though, would they ...

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The brand burger king admitted that they have been used horse meat in order to made the burgers and whoppers. In the past, the Burger King, denied these accusations. The fast food chain, in Thursday has give up and admitted that the tests were wrong and gave an apology to ...

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