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Twenty Year Old Horse Swept away by Raging Floodwaters. Thirteen Days Later, They See Something in the Road

“It’s quite unbelievable.” In the blink of an eye, flash flooding overtook a small farming community near Auckland, New Zealand on March 8, 2017. Roads quickly became unusable, dangerously flooded with swiftly moving water. Farmland soon turned into enormous ponds, and eventually rivers, as the water continued to take over ...

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A Girl Finds A Horse On The Side Of The Road. What She Did For Her Proves The Power Of Love [VIDEO]

Kelsie, an Illinois teenager, was driving down a back country road with her mom early one morning when she spotted a skeletal horse on the side of the road. The horse was clearly neglected and abused. They knew they had to do something to help. They tried to get her on ...

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