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Couple Noticed Their Horse Giving Birth, What Happened Next STUNNED Them! [VIDEO]

Daisy, the horse, was seven days past due and finally went into labor. Daisy’s owners Jenni and Guy were right there to help her and the colt learn his balance. She delivers the colt, who looks a little small, but he is healthy. They stay to watch the colt, Don ...

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The Houston SPCA and Montgomery County authorities were back at the Calico Dairy in Conroe Thursday to round up horses they believe to be in the worst shape after authorities seized 200 horses yesterday. Husband-and-wife farm owners Herman and Kathleen Hoffman are each charged with three counts of animal cruelty. ...

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Dying Pregnant Mare in Labor Dumped on Road

A very pregnant mare in labor was dumped along the highway, too weak and sick to stand or move herself from danger.  Concerned drivers called the RPSCA, who responded as quickly as they could.  Unfortunately, she was already dead when officers arrived. “All the evidence points to her being still ...

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Heartbreaking Videos Show Horses Struggling to Stay Above Quickly Rising Texas Flood Waters

Heartbreaking Videos Show Horses Struggling to Stay Above Quickly Rising Texas Flood Waters. Dramatic videos capture the moments in which struggling horses fought to keep their heads above fast-rising waters as deadly flooding swept through the Houston, Texas, area Monday. Cypress Trails Equestrians owner Darolyn Butler has 75 horses, and ...

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Exposed: How terrified horses were beaten and abused by sick slaughtermen

Two slaughtermen have been sacked after shocking footage exposed horses being abused at an abattoir. The video nasty caught by hidden cameras shows the animals being beaten with a metal rod and crammed into pens together before being slaughtered. One horrific image shows a distressed horse appearing to come round ...

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