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Will Diatomaceous Earth Kill Worms in Horses?

Many articles are about deworming horses and how worms are getting immune to the dewormers we’re giving them. But how about an old dewormer: diatomaceous earth? Worms will never get “used” to this dewormer because it slices the worms into small pieces. Every morning for about two months in spring and fall ...

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Back to Basics: Dental Anatomy

People have been warning others not to look a gift horse in the mouth since the 1500s, and maybe even earlier. The adage was borne out of the fact that horses’ teeth change continuously over time and are often used to approximate their age. So, looking at a gift horse’s ...

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16 horses killed in barn fire at Toronto stables

An early morning fire ripped through Sunnybrook Stables on Victoria Day, killing 16 horses. The main barn — the north building, with a silo — was destroyed. There is extensive damage to a second barn. A resident in the area saw smoke in Sunnybrook park, located in the Leslie St.-Eglinton Ave. ...

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What Medications Are Safe for Mares?

Which drugs are safe for use in pregnant mares?  My pregnant mare is colicking … can I give her Banamine? She needs a laceration sutured … is it safe for her to get a sedative? What about her fall vaccines? Which common drugs and medications are safe for use in ...

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Cody area highway to be renamed for wild horses

A Cody area route will soon become the “Wild Horse Highway” after the proposal drew more ayes than “neighs” in the Wyoming Legislature. In passing Senate File 112 last week, state lawmakers agreed to name a roughly 30-mile stretch of U.S. Highway 14/16/20 — from Cody city limits to just ...

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Horses found dumped across Nottinghamshire

A young horse has died after being thrown out of a trailer on a road – one of four horses found dumped in Nottinghamshire in four days. A passer-by saw the driver “speed off” and called for help but the filly – named Brave Valentine by rescuers – died within ...

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