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Horse Starts Trotting, But Watch When The Music Changes — 16 Million Peoples Jaws Dropped!

When Andreas Helgstrand and his horse during took to the floor for the WEG 2006 dressage final performance, not even he could have expected a reaction like this. During the WEG2006 freestyle final, Andreas Helgstrand and his horse Blue Hors Matine treated the audience to a performance so spectacular a ...

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Out Of Control Horse Crashes Into Taxi on Busy Street

An scared horse caused chaos in Midtown Monday morning, and the incident raised questions about whether the animals should be put to work at all. CBS New York reports the incident that was caught on surveillance video around 10 a.m. Monday was unusual. Two men were seen riding horses up Eighth ...

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The Best Compilation Rears, Backflips, and Terrified Riders

To all the people spreading hate to the riders in this video and in general in likewise topics:  Not everyone that has this kind of accident is deliberately not paying attention, or blaming the horse. Maybe in a reflex those people might have pulled the reins, even when they know ...

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Hilarity ensues as an itchy horse tries to scratch its behind on a white fence at this farm

One horse probably never knew someone captured its embarrassing moment on camera. YouTube video uploaded by “America’s Funniest Home Videos” shows a horse scratching its behind on a white fence around a farm. However, in just a few seconds the fence breaks, giving the horse quite a scare. The horse wanders ...

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