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Mini Foal Runs Wild… See How Many People He Dares To Catch Him!

Normally, foals stay stuck at mom’s side. More or less, often more than less. Especially in an unusual situation as a show arena! This one has – evidently –  not read the Perfect Well-Mannered Foal Handbook! Regardless of Mom’s evident stress, he keeps running, bucking, turning and… slipping through everyone’s fingers, like a bar of ...

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This Horse Passing Gas May Be the Best Thing You See All Day

Okay, when we first saw this video, horse passing gas, we didn’t know what to think! Was it for real? Do horses REALLY relish this much in passing gas? Is this what happens after a horse eats a bucket of beans? Do they all throw themselves to the ground as ...

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Cat Can’t Stop Loving On This Horse… And I Can’t Stop Laughing!

We’re not sure if this cat really, REALLY loves his horse buddy, or if maybe he just thinks of this horse as his own purrsonal mobile cat bed. Either way, it’s super-adorable to watch as he licks, nuzzles, purrs, and clings stubbornly to the back of his bestest bud.  And ...

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After Taking A Tragic Fall This Farmer Begged His Horse Not To Die, But Then This Happened!

When Marek Słodkowski discovered that his horse Freedom accidentally fell into a maintenence pit in his barn in Poland he called local firefighters to help him bring her to safety. As he stepped into the barn one day, he found that his beloved horse had taken a terrible fall into ...

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Horse is Petrified of Water so Rider Tries to Help JUST WAIT Till You See The Horses Response

Anna Paterek was gently riding her beloved horse ‘Magic’ through the woods when they approached a calm stream. Magic, for no reason, is quite simply terrified of water! She just always has been, so much as a puddle can give the poor horse the spooks. As anna expected November the ...

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No One Believed Her When She Told Them What Her Horse Did, So She Filmed Him Doing THIS!

There are lots of videos out there about cats and dogs jumping around, playing with their toys and wreaking havoc! However, this one is just a bit different. The video below features a beautiful, brown horse named Buster who LOVES to play with his favorite toy!  

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