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Mama Horse Gives Birth to Baby Twin Foals. Now Watch Them Play Around in Adorable Fashion

TWINS!!! twins don’t both survive birth, sometimes they get lucky and both live long lives lets hope there little guys make it! This 2 baby draft horses that are only 4 days old with their loving mother. Enjoy in this beautiful video. Like and share please!  

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Rowell Ranch Rodeo Cruelty – Horse Flips Over Fence & Falls Hard on Back

Filmed May 19th 2012 at Rowell Ranch in Castro Valley California at around 1:00 to 3:00pm. United for Animals attended Rowell Ranch Rodeo to film and document the severe abuse of the animals. Video: Bucking horse tries to escape chute and gets their front leg stuck on gate. T here ...

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Guard gets Thrown Off His Horse Whilst The Queen Leaves Palace

The Guard Changing Ceremony by Queen’s Life Guards (Life Guards and Blues and Royals) from Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment (HCMR) at Horse Guards and Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall, London. The guard is usually provided by the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, with the Life Guards and the Blues and Royals ...

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